Chili Sauce from the Standard Figuring Book

This chili sauce recipe is unfamiliar to me, and as a youngster who only liked a handful of foods, I wouldn’t have tried it–too many tomatoes! Ick, onions! From the Standard Figuring Book:

Chili Sauce

24 ripe tomatoes, scald & skin
8 large onions
2 t ground cloves
3 T salt
2 t allspice
4 T sugar
4 C vinegar. Not too strong.
Boil 1/2 hrs. [this is hard to read, it may say to boil 1 1/2 hrs]

There are no hints about this condiment, when to serve it or with what, so it’s left to us to determine its use. How would the onions be best prepped, finely chopped?

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