Cinnamon Stick Relish

This recipe escapes me, I just can’t imagine how this might taste. I think that’s a good reason to include it here, for others like me who sometimes just like to read recipes!

Cinnamon Stick Relish

Sprinkle 1 peck green tomatoes with 1 pint salt. Let stand all nite. Drain next morning.
Add 1 medium cabbage, 3 sweet red peppers, 3 large green peppers & 4 onions chopped fine.
Cook all until onions are tender, then add to the following dressing, which has been boiled 1/2 hr.
3 qts vinegar
8 C sugar
2 T celery seed
2 T mustard seed
1/2 doz cinnamon sticks
1 T whole cloves

When’s the last time you saw the word ‘peck’ in a recipe?

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