Dill Pickles, the Basics

This recipe, also from the Standard Figuring Book, is not the only dill pickle recipe Grandma used, but it might possibly be the first, since it was kept in the collection of very old recipes all written by hand in the blank ‘figuring’ book. The page where ‘Dill Pickles’ are found has many doodles and notes and has aged well, yet is quite delicate. The doodles were added later in ink, and were likely made by a young grandchild ‘helping’ with the canning.

Dill Pickles

2 qts water
1 qt vinegar
1 lb salt
3-4 bunches of dill

Pack cucumbers in bottle & pour the above onto them.

And that’s all the recipe says! I’ve never pickled a cuke in my life so I’d be lost trying to follow these instructions. I imagine Falba grew up canning these pickles every year with her mother and sisters so there was little need to write down every step of the process. They just needed the ratio and type of ingredients. I do remember eating lots and lots of her dill pickles in the 70s and the always included garlic, hopefully that recipe will surface as well to be shared here.

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