Prepared Mustard, Homemade

What?!? Make your own mustard? Grandma Falba had this recipe in the Standard Figuring Book but like her catsup recipe, I don’t recall her ever making this for us. By the time I was eating all her wonderful cooking, mustard was made by a guy named French’s and was on the shelf at the store.

Prepared Mustard

1 T flour
3 T mustard
2 T sugar
1 t turmeric
1 C vinegar
pinch salt
small lump of butter

Mix dry ingredients. Add egg. Beat til smooth. Mix well with 1 C vinegar diluted with water. Boil until thick. Beat well. Avoid lumps.

I found some modern homemade mustard recipes on the internet, and most don’t involve cooking but they do involve aging the mustard for several days. Grandma Falba didn’t have lots of different kinds of mustard seeds to choose from in her kitchen (or store), the ‘mustard’ in this recipe would certainly be the ground variety from the spice rack of her kitchen.

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