Corn Relish

Grandma Falba’s Standard Figuring Book has many relish recipes, with varying degrees of explanation or instruction on exactly how to make each relish. This recipe for a corn relish lists only the ingredients, but maybe the clues on how to make it are found in the description of some of the ingredients.

Corn Relish

2 doz. ears of cooked corn on cob 11 min.
1 qt. ripe tomatoes
1 qt. ground cucumbers (peeled)
1 qt. onions ground
1 qt. vinegar

A quick search for other corn relish recipes helps to explain some of the technique. In this one, a modern-day food processor is used to get to the ‘ground’ of some of the ingredients. Grandma’s recipe dates back decades before the 50s, but another version of corn relish talks a bit about this relish as a picnic staple of the 50s and also gives some safety tips about ‘putting up’ corn relish.

And lastly a good resource for home canning can be found here. Safety tips and the techniques of home canning were bits of knowledge that Grandma Falba grew up knowing, but much of that tribal knowledge has gone with her and others of her generation.


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