Christmas Divinity

Grandma had several Divinity recipes in her recipe drawer, from neighbors, friends and family members. This Divinity recipe is hers, it was one of her favorite treats and she typically prepared it during the Christmas Holiday season.

Divinity Candy

2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup Karo
2 egg whites
nuts 3/4 cup

(cook syrup until a lite thread forms)
Boil sugar, syrup & water until it forms a hard ball in cold water = Stir into beaten egg whiles & beat until stiff = add nuts = Pour into buttered pans. Mark into squares.

Grandmas recipe book

I’ve copied her recipe exactly as it appears on the card and have made no attempt to clarify any of her instructions. As with many of her recipes, Grandma didn’t specify the amount of salt or vanilla–a pinch and a spoonful are likely the correct measures!

If you decide to make a batch of Grandma’s Divinity, please share any tips or hints, and your results by adding a comment.



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