Popcorn Balls, Two Versions

Grandma has two recipes for popcorn balls, a crunch and gooey treat she made for us grandkids many times. One recipe is written in a very young person’s handwriting and the other by Grandma. For Grandma’s, it’s helpful to know that she had just one ‘roaster’, a large blue-speckled metal pan with a lid that was used every Thanksgiving to cook the turkey.

Popcorn Balls (in Grandma’s handwriting)

1 large pkg miniature marshmallows
1 cube margarine

melt together. when completely melted, pour over popcorn (about a roaster full), mix and form. will make 15-18 popcorn balls.

Popcorn Balls (the other version)

4 cups sugar
1 teaspoon cream of tarter
1 cup water
1/2 teaspoon soda
1 cup corn syrup
2 teaspoons vinegar
1 teaspoon vanilla

Add all ingerdiants [sic] but vanilla, soda, cream of tarter. When mixture boils add cream of tarter. Cook to hard crack stage. Pour over popped corn. Mix well form into balls, and set on waxed paper.

The first one seems too easy, but the second has vinegar in it? That sounded odd to me, but once again Ms. Google tells me that vinegar in a popcorn ball recipe is common. I think Grandma added a touch of food coloring when she made these for us, too.

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